How Common Are Own Goals In Football

It’s every player’s nightmare is not it, whether you’re playing top flight professional soccer or just having a knockabout down the park with your mates.

An attacker is steaming forward with the ball, he lines up a shot, wellies it towards the goal, you just manage to get a toe on the end of it to try and knock it wide and… top corner. The keeper was on top of it but your’heroic’ effort ended up sending them the wrong way.

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Often times is to blame, where responsibility lay on a single player’s shoulders, but there have been some absolute corkers over the years.

What’s An Own Goal

It hardly needs explaining, but a personal goal is when the ball is inadvertently put by any player on the field in the back of their own net, effectively scoring against themselves and helping another team.

It doesn’t matter how this comes about . If the ball to touch before it crosses the line is a player from the defending side that’s an own goal.

Sometimes it’s a simple deflectionit’s a pass back to the keeper, and at times it is a howler of a failed or mis-kick effort to put the ball behind — they rely. As to who is credited with the goal, well it depends that you ask and on the circumstances.

The referee usually has the final say on who is credited with the goal, but some sources credit goals for their own rules based on if the interjection was willful, if the shot was on target or not, etc..

It is arguably the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a footballer, so much so the term is currently used to explain slip ups in all walks of life, not only the gorgeous game. By way of example, a politician hoping to score points by slandering an opponent’s speech defect, only to cause upset countrywide for being insensitive, could be said to have”scored an own goal with that remark”.

Own Goal Stats: Regularity and Many Guilty

You may think own goals would be a rare occurrence in professional football, and to a degree you would be right.

When you examine the amount of goals scored in a league season and compare that to the amount of goals, that amount is small.

Less Critical Stats

For a little fun at the expense of someone else, here are a few more stats and figures for you to use as ammo next time you are using a debate with your mates.

You have our permission to quote these with assert and confidence that you found them out all by yourself.

Spare a thought for the poor men who have to live with the knowledge that they hold these records that are unwanted.

Do Betting Affect?

Own goals can have absolutely no effect on your bet or they can really mess things up for you, it all depends on what sort of bet you’ve placed.

It’s worth checking with your bookmaker before you make a wager, because some of them might differ slightly, but generally the following applies:

Goalscorer Markets Pre-Match — Bets on first goalscorer, last goalscorer, scorecasts etc., will not count towards the wager. Until the first objective is scored, so if you’ve got a goalscorer bet on Harry Kane but a defender ends up scoring an own goal, your bet won’t have lost. Correct Score/Result, BTTS — Likewise, own goals do count on other markets like score. If you bet on your goal and a 2-0 result contributes to that outcome, your bet will win. In-Play Bets — Betting live opens the door to new betting lines like next player to score, next team to score, etc.. In such situations an own goal would count. Meaning that a French defender puts you away, and if you bet on England to score against France, your bet wins. You can bet on aims specifically.

There are a few other more niche markets that may be affected, but check details with the bookmaker in question, and it’s best to go by what is above as a general rule if you have doubts.